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Why Sustainable Swimwear is the Sexy Trend We Need

Sustainable swimwear has been an ever-growing hot topic, but why not make it a life-long trend?

A lot of bikinis you’ve worn in life have been more toxic than you might realise. If you haven’t already, it’s time to break up with fast fashion and move onto sexy sustainable swimwear - for good.

When we talk about sustainable swimwear, we talking about: 

  • Embracing eco-friendly, high quality slow fashion
  • Supporting a more sustainable process that reduces the carbon footprint of swimwear production and protects our environments from plastic waste.
Blonde girl with small boobs in swimwear floating in pool.

Why is sustainability important?

In a world filled with too much plastic and CO2, our aquatic environments are certainly under threat. So how could we possibly enjoy our beaches without supporting them in some way? By removing plastic bottles from our waters and turning them into a high quality fabric for swimwear, we are able to reuse and reduce our plastic waste.  

However, it is important to know that sustainable swimwear made from recycled plastic does not mean microfibres won't still be released into our environment when washed. But also don't be alarmed by the term 'plastic' in 'recycled plastic' and think that it will release more microplastics than your average bikini. We recommend that you handwash your swimwear (which is also better for the longevity of the swimwear) and if you do use a washing machine, to use a microfibre catching laundry bag. These are ways you can help reduce the release of these harmful microfibres into our waters.  

    Why is sustainable slow fashion a better option than fast fashion? 

    Women with small boobs wearing swimwear drinking water and eating fruits

    It’s not even just about the environment: sustainable brands recognise that durable, high-quality clothes made under ethical working conditions are the best way to embrace fashion.

    • Slow fashion refers to brands that release limited styles with just a few collections a year. They are more concerned with providing quality styles that will make you look and feel your best for a longer amount of time.
    • Fast fashion brands strive to mass produce the most collections in just a short amount of time, resorting to poor working conditions, cheap materials, and harmful production. They also use an excess of repetitive collections and deals as marketing opportunities.

    If you’ve fallen victim to fast fashion marketing tactics, we get it. The first step is recognizing it, right? You DON’T need these repetitive year-by-year trends created by unethical brands. Embrace your unique self with limited styles that you simply love, without the pressure of all the deals and “must-have” trends that fast fashion companies push.

    Embrace sexy, sustainable bikinis

    When you throw on an eco-friendly swimsuit, it’s just a whole other feeling. Not only will you find it's better quality and a bikini that will truly last you, but eco-friendly brands also always have the most unique styles to choose from too, no matter how limited collections may be. The best part is you can take a swim knowing full-well that your shopping habits are supporting our planet’s livelihood.

    What about sustainable bikini options for smaller boobs?

    If your boobs are anywhere from AA to B, I’m sure regular bikinis are already an uphill battle for you. But don’t worry, doll! You can still easily make the switch to sustainability. As a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee (IBTC), who cares deeply about ethical fashion, I created LOU Swim for all the sexy ladies out there who want to feel more confident in bikinis.

    LOU Swim styles are not only 100% sustainably made from REPREVE® (a high-quality fabric recycled from plastics), they are also especially designed for my IBTC. All swimwear has been made to leave no cup gaps and to rest comfortably on your body, letting you embrace all the SEXY that you are!

    We’d love to have you join our IBTC community on Instagram @lou.swim where we talk about all things body confidence and sustainability. We’ll also let you know about all our upcoming releases. My DM is open for any questions! ❤️