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10 Reasons Why We Should Love & Embrace our Small Boobs

If you’re a part of the itty bitty titty committee (IBTC) like me, embrace it! I understand how difficult it can be to feel fully confident in your skin, so I’m sharing 10 reasons why you should embrace and love your little boobies. 

1. Your little boobs do not define you, beautiful

    Say it with me loud and clear: sexy is not defined by the size of your boobs. You’re beautiful just as you are because nobody else is you!

    2. Wearing a bra is often optional for itty bitty titties

      Little boobies make for big perks, one of them being their perkiness. A lot of people revel in your small boobs being able to defy gravity in all those crop tops. Celebrate that.

      When you don’t feel like wearing a bra, clothing such as bralettes, tube tops, and crop tops are some of the most flattering tops. And of course, anything with small boobie cleavage! That’s a good way to make some steam, hottie!

      3. Problems as little as your boobs

        It’s not surprising how many women get breast reductions because of chronic back pain. Our boobs will never cause us back pain, so let’s be grateful for one less problem to worry about.

        4. Working out with smaller boobs is just easier

          Another problem we don’t have to worry about is having difficulty working out in our sports bras with our boobs as MVPs. And boob sweat? Don’t know her. Can’t say you still won’t get unwarranted attention at the gym though - that’s going to happen regardless because small boobs are hot AF!

          5. Small boob cleavage is hella SEXY 

            Um, don’t you realise how big of a sex appeal this is? Especially with some classy side boob and an open back. The fact that you can slip on a dress without needing a bra is already sexy as hell, so keep your head up high, darling. Strut confidently!

            6. You won’t hurt yourself in your sleep

              I don’t know about you, but being able to sleep on my belly is so much more comfortable with smaller breasts that don’t get in the way. They’ll stay in place too - I’m telling you: small boob problems just don’t exist.

              7. Small boobs come with a big heart

                We’ve dealt with a lot of negativity from society. Most of us have felt so flawed for our boobies at one point or another, so we understand what feeling worthless is like. But when you transform that negative energy into self-love, you glow so bright and inspire others to do the same.

                8. Small boobs are extra sensitive

                  Shh! you didn’t hear it from me, but our boobies are definitely more sensitive during sex. 24% more sensitive to be exact. Take advantage of that, sis, take advantage...

                  9. The more you embrace them, the sexier you are!

                    When you feel confident and truly in love with yourself, nobody else’s opinion can affect you. Be unapologetically sexy, because that’s what you are if that’s how you feel. End of story!

                    10. And because brands like LOU Swim care about the IBTC

                      If you want real-life proof that small boobs are very flattering, LOU Swim bikinis and swimsuits are designed specifically for all my AA - B cup babes and will leave you feeling extra sexy in your natural skin. When you slip one on, you will not be able to deny how good you look, so don’t even try. With zero awkward cup gapping, these swimsuits hug your body the way it deserves. It's long overdue if you ask me!

                      Check out our Instagram@lou.swim and be a part of our empowered IBTC community. We’d love to have you! ❤️